Water recycling

Water recyling

Water recycling

All of the staff from the directors to the operatives at C & C Cleaning Services are aware of their responsibility to deliver a sustainable service to our clients and to constantly improve our environmental performance.

One way in which we have achieved this is by reducing our water consumption. The Reach and Wash system which we are required to use for health and safety reasons is not an efficient system for water consumption as it discards over 60‰ of the water used in the purifying process. We recognise that this is a considerable drain on the environment. We have therefore introduced a water recycling system which uses the water discarded form the purifying process again and again. This means we have drastically cut down on our water wastage; only losing 10‰.

In an effort to improve even more on our environmental performance we have also introduced a large rain harvesting system.

We are also constantly monitoring our performance by:

  • Recycling
  • Reducing
  • Reusing.

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